The 7 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Property in Brazil

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Buying property in Brazil might sound like a dream. The allure of pristine beaches, a rich culture, and promising investment opportunities can be tantalizing. But, for many foreigners, this dream can quickly become a nightmare. Without proper guidance, you can easily fall into pitfalls that not only cost you time but can also result in significant financial losses.

Our eBook addresses some common impactful mistakes made by foreign citizens over and over. There is no excuse for not reading this content. It is free and in less than 20 minutes, you can have more knowledge of Brazil real estate transactions than 90% of the foreign citizens buying property in Brazil.

Some of the issues uncovered by this eBook:

  • Why foreign buyers pay stiff contract penalties
  • Why you should not send the final payment directly to the seller
  • How to save $7,521 on average in your purchase
  • Special requirements applicable to foreign buyers
  • And, much more!

Along with how to avoid these costly mistakes!

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For over 20 years, our firm has been at the forefront of helping foreign citizens buy property in Brazil. We understand the challenges and intricacies of the Brazilian real estate market, and more importantly, we know how to simplify them for you.

We do more than just provide legal advice; we actively guide and support you through every step of the transaction. Our ability to clearly explain the process, combined with our understanding of international real estate dynamics, has made us a top choice for many foreigners.

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I soon discovered that the process in Brazil is not as regulated and smooth as in the US, but thanks to Oliveira’s guidance and advice, I was able to navigate the complex legal system in Brazil and complete the purchase successfully."


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The secrets that realtors and sellers will not tell you.

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Table of Contents

Mistake 1 - "Not enough time for closing."

What you will learn: ideal timeline between contract and closing.

Mistake 2 - "Assuming that buying property in Brazil is similar to how it is done in your country."

What you will learn: some of the distinctions between real estate in Brazil and the United States.

Mistake 3 - "Sending your money directly to the seller's bank account."

What you will learn: how you should have the seller paid.

Mistake 4 - "Using a regular Brazilian bank to exchange currency."

What you will learn: the exact type of bank you should use for your purchase.

Mistake 5 - "Signing a contract without a professional review first."

What you will learn: how you can have professional help while spending as little as possible.

Mistake 6 - "Getting into a contract without an initial due diligence."

What you will learn: the bare minimum due diligence you should get before even signing a contract.

Mistake 7 - "Underestimating the special requirements for foreign citizens."

What you will learn: some of the requirements you should plan to meet before entering into a real estate transaction in Brazil.

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